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What are the Murder Mystery Quizzes?

Solve a murder through various puzzles

Unlike a murder mystery game or traditional quizzes with simple questions, our Murder Mystery Quizzes use a combination of storytelling, riddles, and questions to lead you to the answers. The Quizzes has eighteen mind-dazzling questions, that will get you second-guessing your knowledge and logic as the dark story unfolds.

Unique trivia combined with compelling stories

Unlike any other quizzes, the Murder Mysteries are presented as a story. When Quiz advances, also the dark story unfolds and reveals the secrets. The storyline creates a unique atmosphere and sets you apart from normal Quizzes. Can you figure out the answers and solve the case?

Mysteries for all kinds of venues and events

People love stories and mysteries. Select from our various, intriguing murder mystery stories, and play our quizzes anywhere, at any event. Gather into teams and build points through every twist and turn. The winning team has the most points at the end of the game! Remember, don’t forget to choose a quiz master!

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