How to play


How to play the Murder Mystery quiz?


Our murder mystery quizzes are split into two parts. Each section consists of nine quiz questions and riddles, but part two has an optional tiebreaker question if teams draw. There are also extra points to gather in with some key questions! Quizmasters will hand out answer sheets at the beginning of the murder mystery quiz.






Part One 

Part one will focus on:


The time of the murder (questions 1-3)

The scene where the murder took place (questions 4-6)

The victim of the awful crime (questions 7-9)


As the quiz master asks each question, individuals or teams may be confident with their answers, giving them the option to double is triple their points (at each specific question). Players can do so by selecting the X2 or 3X option next to each answer. However, if players take this risk and find out that their answer is wrong, they will lose points. So be careful with your answers detectives!





Part two 

Part two has an extra tiebreaker question, and will focus on:


The murder weapon (questions 10-12)

The suspect of the murder (questions 13-15)

The motives behind the crime  (questions 16-18) 


As with part 1, individuals or teams have the option to double or triple their points (at specific questions) by selecting the X2 or X3 option next to each answer.


If players correctly guess answers to ALL THREE of the key questions (9, 15, and 18), an extra 4 points can be awarded to their final score.

The winner is the team or individual that gets the most points in total.


The Story 

The right answers unfold the Murder story. For example, when asking the Murder time, the answers (1-3) could be the year 1942, the Month of January, and the second day.  In this case, the story would unfold: “The murder happened on the second day of January in the year 1942”

All Murder Mystery quiz -stories are fictional and the answers can create quite unusual stories in some cases. Also, notice that the answers are not always logically connected together. For example, the right answer for the year could be 1942 and the suspect still could be Michael Jackson, even he isn’t even yet born in real life.

 The Answers Sheet and Point Scoring


Write your team name at the top of the sheet

Use the answer boxes to write down your answers to each question

(Each correct answer awards one point)

Use the key question answer boxes for answers to questions 9, 15 and 18

Choose if you’d like to take the risk of doubling or tripling your points

The highest-scoring team wins. If a draw is reached between two or more teams, the tiebreaker question will be used. The team with the closest correct answer to the tiebreaker question will be the winner





Planning the Murder Mystery Quiz?


Who can play?

The Murder Mystery quiz is perfect for anyone who is a true crime fan! No special skills are needed to work your way through the brain-teasing riddles. Bring together your customers, friends, or co-workers and have fun playing the detective!

Who Can Arrange?

As long as you have access to a computer or screen to display the quiz, and a printer for the answer sheets, our murder mysteries are perfectly suited for pubs, corporate events, private or family gatherings, and fundraisers. Content is recommended for adults only.

How to Arrange?

Arranging an event is easy. Simply register and sign in to the website and then select the option to purchase credits for one event (one quiz) or more events (multiple quizzes). Follow through with purchasing your credits and then choose which mystery you would like to redeem with your credits.

What is Needed to Arrange an Event?

A Quizmaster

The quizmaster will be in control of the questions and answers and will check the answer sheets to determine the winner. Further training on running a murder mystery quiz is available once logged in.

Computer and Screens

Quiz questions and pictures require a visual display. The quiz can be displayed on a computer screen and can be projected to a bigger screen. Speakers can also be used for sound effects and theme music.


The quizmaster will need printed copies of the answer sheet, as well as the correct answers and any additional hints or information. Pens, scrap paper, and prizes may also be needed.


The Murder Mystery Quiz

You might have participated in a Murder Mystery dinner or a traditional Quiz. The Murder Mystery is not your traditional quiz or dinner, it is a unique combination of storytelling and "escape room"-like riddles. 

The quiz has 18 challenging questions full of brain-teasing riddles and puzzles that measure both knowledge and logic.

The quiz advances like a story and the right answers create a dark murder tale.

All the participants get an answer sheet where to write their answers and the whole game is displayed from the screens with a computer. The game can be played with teams or with single players.

The winner is the team or player that gets the most points from the quiz.



You will need credits to play the Murder mystery Quiz.

One credit allows you to play one quiz. 


Buying credits:

First, sign in to the webpage or register if you are a new user.

Then select "Buy credits" and you can choose what kind of subscription suit you best. 

You can pay the credits by a credit card or with PayPal. 


Using credits:

First, go "Your Quizzes" and select a quiz you would like to play.

Then select "Activate Quiz"

The Quiz is active and playable for 24 hours 



Playing the Murder Mystery Quiz is easy

The players will get an answer sheet that has 18 questions and a tie-breaker to fill out. 

The quiz is divided into two parts and each of them has nine brain-teasing questions. 

The quiz is displayed from the screens and with a sound system.


When answering the players can also take a risk. There are different valued questions in the quiz.

By marking the double option (+2 /-1) players can double points (+2) or get (-1) minus one point.

By marking the triple option (+3 /-2) players can have three points (+3) or get (-2) minus two points.


There are also three key questions in the quiz (number 9, 15, and 18)

If the player answers correctly to all of the key questions they will get four (+4) extra points. 

The winner of the quiz is the team or the player that gets the most points in total. 



There are multiple features in the game such as:

- Clues to the questions - You can give clues if the question is too hard

- Multiple choice - You can also make the quiz easier by giving out 4 answering options

- Background music - You can choose two different themed background music

- Effects - You can select different effect like the typewriter on or off

- Voice over - Turn the narrator voice on or off 

- Play it offline - After you have started the quiz it works even if your browser goes offline

- Print the answering sheets - Unlimited player count

- Print the host's questions and answers sheet - To check the right answers 



- Show your offers during the breaks on the screens

- Have weekly or monthly ranking tables 

- Print out promotion materials & use online adds



Anyone can arrange an event


There are no limitations on who can arrange an event. The service works in almost any country or region.

The murder Mystery quizzes suit perfectly Pub quizzes, corporate events, private events, and fundraisers.

Just use your imagination. The content is recommended for adults only. 


To arrange a Murder Mystery quiz:

1. Register/login to the service 

2. Buy credits

3. Go through the training and print your materials (the right answers and answering sheet tot the players)

4. Play the Quiz directly from your browser (Google Chrome recommended, active for 24 hours) 


Materials needed: 

- Printed answer sheets for players  (printable from the website) 

- The right answers for the host  (printable from the website) 

- Pens and extra scrap paper 

- Prizes for the winners 


Technics needed:

- Computer and an internet connection

- TV:s or screens  (recommended)

- Sound system (recommended)




Solve the case


The Quiz has eighteen questions and one tie-breaker. 

The quiz is divided into two parts. Fists part has 9 questions and the second part has 9+1 questions. 


There is a checking break after each part and the right answers are revealed after the breaks. 

Questions are mostly a little bit more complicated than traditional quiz questions.

The answering time can be 1-5 minutes per question depending on the difficulty level. 


The duration of the quiz depends on how many teams or players are playing the game and how long the breaks are.

Usually, the whole quiz lasts about 1-2 hours.



We provide full online training on how to arrange the events


When you register for the service you will get access to your own page and you can find all the training materials there.

We also provide separate extra training for Pub and Bars on how to promote the events. 


Downloads are not needed!


The service works directly in your web browser and you can use anywhere and anytime.

The works on both Windows and Mac computers.

It is possible to arrange an event with a tablet also but we mainly recommend using a laptop or a normal computer. 



We offer a full promotion package that you can use to promote the events. 


- A murder mystery Quiz - promotional video (for social media and websites)

- Digital posters and promotional material (for online use)

- Printable promotional materials (Example for pubs)


You will get access to these materials by registering for the service and buying credits.


Yes, you can order a full demo quiz


You get full access to one of our great quizzes called: "Blood in the factory" 


Order the "Blood in the factory" demo quiz HERE 


You can test out the game with any web browser. 


Remember that the demo has limited features and is only one of our many dark stories. 




Keep the distance and stay safe


We recommend arranging events with social distancing.

You can keep players seated during the event and have a good distance between the tables and players.

Avoid any physical contact and take care of good hand hygiene.

We also recommend following all government guidelines to make the events safer. 


You can also arrange events remotely by Skype, Zoom, or YouTube-Live by only sending the answer sheet Pdf by email or taking the answers by email. 




If you haven't Googled it yet...


" De omnibus dubitandum " is a Latin phrase that means shortly "doubt everything" 

In the Murder Mystery Quiz, you can take this literally and doubt everything. 

You will need all your knowledge to solve the mysterious case...

Murder Mystery Quiz - Terms of use


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Privacy Policy.


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