Pubs & venues


Stand out from the traditional Pub Quizzes!


The Murder Mystery Quizzes are perfect for Pubs and venues. The new kind of quiz format will set you apart from the competition!


Unlike traditional quizzes knowing the answers will take your customers only halfway. They will also need logical thinking to solve the murder case. With the Murder Mystery Quiz, you will stand out from the rest.



Attract more Customers



As well as training on how to best run the events and tips on creating a mysterious atmosphere, our quiz packages also include promotional material such as videos, social media banners, printable posters, and more! You will definitely get the attention of your customers!


We will also include tips on how to create a mysterious atmosphere in your events. Let's make your customers part of the dark story!



Encourage regular custom


With regular events and an easily updated team ranking table, customers or clients will be encouraged to join every event if they want the chance to beat their peer’s score or remain as the winning team!


Save money when bulk buying credits



Save money by purchasing multiple credits to redeem on more than one mystery quiz. Venues can now “bank” their mysteries in their profile for future use! This is the cheapest way to start planning regular Murder Mystery Quiz events!


Your venue can arrange the quizzes as single mysteries or as weekly or monthly events. 


With the continuing weekly events, you can commit your teams with points. Use an easily updated ranking table to teams into your venue week after week!


From your own page and dashboard, you will find training for the service and also promotion materials to get customers interested!  




The benefits for your venue


Magclass2 icon.png  Stand out from pubs and venues running traditional quizzes

Magclass2 icon.png  Increase custom and sales

Magclass2 icon.png  Build the hype by marketing with our fantastic promotional materials

  Magclass2 icon.png  Play a new Murder Mystery Quiz each week

 Magclass2 icon.png   Entertain customers further with a ranking table

 Magclass2 icon.png  Make use of screens and quiz breaks with promotional drink offers




Are you ready to increase sales at your venue?

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